Detailed Vinyl Lettering Application Instructions
On this page we will be putting this 3" tall x 30" wide sticker on the back window of a vehicle.
The same techniques can be used to apply the lettering to almost any clean smooth surface
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Use two pieces of masking tape to keep it in
cleaned surface.  Place your sticker on the
place. Position the lettering exactly as you want
it  Place to display.
Below : Place two additional pieces of masking
tape on the vehicle surface with corners almost
touching the sticker.
Make more alignment marks
with masking tape for more accurate alignment
Left : Make a short line 1/2
" on the masking tape and
1/2 " on the sticker. As
shown here.
Remove the sticker from the vehicle surface. Leave the
two pieces of alignment tape in place.

Left : Peel the application tape of off the paper backing.
Peel slowly to make sure the lettering comes off with the
tape. (Your pen marks will be on the application tape
with the sticker)
Below & Left : Line up the two pen marks as you
squeegee the sticker from left to right. Be sure to
squeegee over all of the lettering with moderate pressure.

For best results, use two people when possible.
Below : Carefully remove the application
tape as shown. Last remove the masking tape
alignment marks.
Your sticker is installed! If any bubbles can
be seen simply puncture them with a pin.