Fast Website Service

I build websites in as little as one hour!

I'm Ray, owner of
I have the fastest system for small business and personal website development.
Some of our customers don't know how to build a website while others simply don't
have time. Whatever the case I get it made fast and at the most affordable price. My
service starts at just $56.95 per page.
One hour websites
My service is simple. If you don't have a domain name I help you get one. Then you
and I select a "Web Hosting" plan that meets your needs. This is all done using
stable third party services like Yahoo and GoDaddy. Now I quickly develop a few
short pages to make your presence known on the web. Larger more sophisticated
websites can be built as well, tho not in an hour. Everything can be done remotely
meaning I can build the site with Email and Phone contact only. I am happy to meet
locally with customers that prefer but it is not required.
I set it up and you can take over
In most cases I can set the website up so you can manage it. You can change text
and add pictures whenever you want. Right from your home. For customers that
prefer not to get involved I can manage the site for you.
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We are located at 517 E Burnett rd Island Lake IL 60042
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