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5-6 Year outdoor durable vinyl stickers

Pre-spaced & ready to install [

4 Sizes 1 price 1.5" 2" 2.5" or 3"

You pick the color & font

MC DOT VIN you pick
Above are samples of US DOT numbers on trucks
Some customers prefer a space between the "US" and the "DOT"
Others like the "#" sign between the "USDOT" and their numbers
Need your state abbreviation added?
Type it in how you want it!
Need removable & reusable USDOT Numbers? Click Here for US DOT Magnetic signs
We offer the most affordable US DOT  vinyl  truck lettering & USDOT magnetic signs
Our US DOT  letters / numbers will get your vehicle legal and last for over 5 years
In addition to USDOT letters and numbers we offer car & truck lettering up to 13" tall
Click here  to see all of the Vinyl Car and Truck Lettering products available for online purchase
Custom USDOT vinyl lettering signs can be made to your specifications. Call or email for information
Four lines of 2" tall
One piece install
$29.95 Set
We have been serving the web for 13 years!
Over 100,000 vinyl letters & numbers shipped each year
Online Resources
We have assembled links to
web sites in an effort
answer questions about
USDOT regulations.
Welcome to
Truck Lettering - US DOT Vinyl lettering / stickers ($7.99set)  USDOT Magnetic Truck Signs ($19.95set)
Order your US DOT MC ICC GVW VIN KYU CA Die-cut compliance truck vinyl lettering below
Our Pre-spaced 5-6 year "all weather" USDOT Letters & Numbers will get you legal.
We make ordering US DOT Vinyl stickers fast, easy, and affordable. Shipping is just $6.95 on up to 100 sets!
USDOT MC GVW ICC VIN KYU CA or choose "Other" and type in any compliance vinyl lettering you need.
Self Adhesive Vehicle Compliance Stickers $7.99 for a set of two
Choose a color
Choose a font
Choose sticker type
Enter your numbers:
If you need special spacing, symbols, or text, simply  
type in exactly what you need us to make.
Most orders ship within 48 hours Call 847-334-7466 with questions Ask for RAY